Paris 26 Gigapixels is now online!

Update: the DNS are still propagating and you may need to wait a few hours before you can access the website, depending on your location and internet provider.

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86 Responses to “Paris 26 Gigapixels is now online!”

  1. Micha Says:

    The URL above forwards me to your blog and not the actual gigapixel :(

  2. Rami Says:

    Depending on your location, you certainly need to wait a little bit for the servers to be updated worldwide.

  3. Flow Says:

    Mais je veux la voir moi héhé!
    Depuis le temps qu’on l’attend tous …
    D’ici combien de temps ici en France sous free?

  4. Rami Says:

    Dans pas longtemps on l’espère !

  5. Flow Says:

    Moi aussi !
    Vivement que ça soit en ligne !

  6. Philip Says:

    Awesome photography. In the information for Le Sacre Coeur the information on the dates has a typo. It was started in 1875 completed in 1914 and consecrated in 1919.

  7. Carsten Knobloch Says:

    Greetings from Germany. Stunning work! I love it so much!

  8. Bernie Says:

    What a nice gigapixel picture!
    I found the HD button, but it is not working for me because I have Mac OS X working? I am wondering about the technical background.

    But thanks anyway, there soooo many details…

  9. Tom Says:

    Great photography…….but it looks like a dead city….there are very few people in this. Paris is about people and life. This is a bit eery.

  10. vincent Says:

    my F5 is about to die ;) can’t wait to see the project

  11. Philip Says:

    Very cool; not sure if if you superimposed the Kolor sign or if it was up on the Rue de l’Amiral de Coligny but it shows clearly!

  12. Fettlaus Says:

    And why is there a groundhog sitting in one of the gardens?

  13. Joseph Says:

    Magnificent! What is the beautiful song that accompanies this magnificent work?

  14. Dimitris Gkanatsios Says:

    Cool, but would have been smoother if you had used Photosynth (

  15. Falk D. Says:

    I’d like to learn more about the music, too.

    (You’ve done a great Job.)

  16. Aksel Says:

    great project! what is that song playing?

  17. Duncan Says:

    The song is La Valse d’Amelie by Yann Tiersen, from the movie by
    Jean-Pierre Jeunet

  18. Witti Says:

    @Joseph: The song: La valse d’Amélie – Yann Tiersen (iTunes-Link:

  19. Falk D. Says:

    Song seems to be La Valse D’Amelie

  20. Christian Says:

    Bravo! Brillant! Et merci pour le making of!

    Notice how the three people on the rooftop daycare are semi transparent? Quand même c’est super cool le gars!

  21. Bill Pearson Says:

    Amazing. How odd that people keep a huge tortoise on such a small balcony! ;-) And is that the time being displayed or is it a sign for a pi shop?
    Anyway, it’s spectacular.

  22. shane Says:

    ok this is awesome. Love the photography and the whole concept…..
    Amazing work.

  23. Dax Says:

    Amazing Project! Respect! Love it!

  24. Яна Says:


  25. LOUIS Says:

    But now help me!!! Please, who can suggest me the name of the song that play visiting the page?!?!!?!?
    It’s amazing!
    Thank you!!!!!

  26. Diego Cardenas Says:


    This is sooo nice! It brings good memories of my trip to Paris! I hope other capitals of the world do the same!

    D Cardenas

  27. darksock's huckleberry Says:

    i peed in a horse once

  28. becn Says:


    I’ve seen this kind of thing before but not on this scale.

    As for the tortose on a balcony … fake right?

  29. Leo Says:

    In the street on the left of Saint Sulpice there is a little bugs…. In the pharmacy neon there is 3.14 pi!!

  30. Joe Griffin Says:

    How inspiring is that!!! I love it, and I can’t stop listening to the darn music. It has entranced me :)

  31. Joe Griffin Says:

    La Valse d’Amelie by Yann Tiersen

  32. Amber C Says:

    Wow, that is a huge tortoise! This is the most phenomenal use of art and technology I’ve ever seen. Has anyone found Waldo yet? ;)
    I am amazed and thrilled!!!

  33. Wilco Jansen Says:

    What a magnificent site this is. As a semi-professional photographer I can only imagine what kind of work you’ve put in this mega-job. Chapeau!
    By the way. Who is the musician that made the music on the site?

  34. Bert Says:

    The link above did not work for me but this one actually did:

  35. Bert Says:

    Next try, to get the working link in the blog:
    www paris-26-gigapixels com/index-en.html

  36. kio Says:

    très bien
    mais merci de virer la musique qui se lance automatiquement, c’est assez pénible !!!

    thanks to autoskip the music.

  37. Surrogard Says:

    Fantastic work!!!

    P.S.: I’m sure the little frog wasn’t there at the shooting ;)

  38. Hildegard Visosky Says:

    [...] Paris 26 gigapixels » Blog Archive » Paris 26 Gigapixels is now online! – [...]

  39. JW Stoker Says:

    Fantastic!!! I can watch this picture for hours (if i had enough time:-).
    There seem to be 10 eastereggs around the picture; I only got one so far: the roofterrace with the Kolor-logo…

    We should do a contest :-)

    Is there anyone who knows all the eastereggs? Then we know what to look for.

  40. Patrice Says:

    beautiful..I like background music

  41. Michele Says:

    Great job guys!
    I’ve found some of the eastereggs:
    - the (now famous) giant tortoise
    - the kolor site URL on a car plate
    - a little kolor logo on a cheese pack, on a little white table in a little terrace
    - a pharmacy banner showing 3:14 pi-greco (dont know if it’s an easteregg or just a funny pharmacy :o )

  42. airedale Says:

    Kudos!! wonderful, exceptionaland ever so interesting! you managed to turn a brilliant work of Art into a magnificent work of Art.

    The HD image should be enjoyed by everyone!

  43. Karen Says:

    Absolutely wonderful. What a brilliant project. I am going to share this on my blog, who wouldn’t want to take a trip to Paris!


  44. Karen Says:

    I just wrote a post announcing your amazing work.


  45. Gabriela Says:


    This is fabulous! I wish I could see the palace of Versailles, Petit Trianon where Marie Antoinette lived…

    ~ Gabriela ~

  46. Logan Lockerz Says:

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    I look to agree with most of your respective thoughts and beliefs and this submit is no exception. absolutely agree with you.

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    Have a excellent day.

  47. Dennis Says:

    Great work.
    I just don’t get what the turtle is doing in the picture.
    There is a giant turtle in the picture on a roof terrace.


  48. D&C Says:

    Ufo in the sky of Paris

  49. HombredelSur Says:

    What does a big exotic turtle do right under the Saint-Germain des Prés’ tower?

  50. K6VVb Says:

    Haha .. also found the tortoise on the balcony :D
    nice work

  51. Mr. person Says:

    I also found some of the easter eggs,
    -The tortoise
    -The license plate that says
    -The cheese package

  52. Marcel @ B Says:

    In een woord PRACHTIG !!!!! I have linked to my hyves & facebook

  53. Hamburg Says:

    WOW, absolutely fantastic project!
    Music fits best but please, bring in more Yann Thiersen songs, after a while it´s a bit exhausting.

  54. The Longest Way Home Says:

    I usually don’t like photo stitches, but this is very impressive and shows how it should be done. Congratulations on a great job!

  55. Pete Says:

    Great work, Love it!

    btw: there’s half of an airplane above the two white skyscrapers right of Sacre Coeur. :-)

  56. Priscila Says:

    AMAZING! great work!

  57. HombredelSur Says:

    I also discovered a picture on a wall of the team which has been working on the project!!

  58. Valery Says:

    Amazing! Make me remember my time there!!!

  59. Deucy Peixoto Says:

    Tão magnifíco quanto é Paris. Amei

  60. Bai Weijiang Says:

    Shocking photos!

    Personally, I shot some photos, and photoshop them together, but just 4-5 photos only.

    I wonder, when you will have time to come to Beijing and shot such a photo?

  61. RUSSIAN MAN Says:

    VERY COOL !!!

  62. KP Says:

    Nice work!

    All easter eggs has a number, e.g. the license plate has No. 8
    and pi sign No 3.
    I found eggs No. 1,2,3,6,8,9 and 10 so far.

    How about the gun on the roof in front of the day care center?
    It has no number…hm…

  63. Mr. Person Says:

    KP, where are all of those easter eggs?

  64. KP Says:

    Mr.Person it wouldn’t be fun if I told you, now would it?

    I can give you some hints thou,

    1, “Kolor on a sign”, Far away in middle of picture beside a yellow truck.
    2, “Chipmunk” (big rat), Left side, near, in a garden.
    3, “PI sign”, Road beside Saint-Sulpice.
    6, “Big turtle”, In front, to the right, of Saint-Germani, on balcony.
    8, “license plate”, Without zoom one can see a white car on black road.
    9, “a chees with name Kolor”, Very near, middle picture, blue chair.
    10, “Flying saucers”, Over Saint-Sulpice, far away up in the sky.

    Have you/anyone found the gun/pistol?

  65. KP Says:

    6, “Big turtle”, In front, to the left, of Saint-Germani, on balcony. ;)

  66. Rafael Says:

    Hi, its impressionant!!!
    A question? How you get so few people in the windows? Do you edit the photos?

  67. KTL Says:

    Excelent idea and work!

  68. stuff Says:

    The gun on the roof seems to be no easter egg, the shadows and specular are perfect, so I believe it’s not composed with photoshop

    here is the position of the gun:

  69. JAME Says:

    You have done a great job!Thank you very much!

  70. Pablo Says:

    Congratulations for your work!

  71. Chiara Says:

    Wonderful idea!!!! thank you merci grazie!!! I love it!!!!

  72. AliveInParis Says:

    Hi there ! Congratulations on your project release ! We’ve just reviewed it here :

    Bonjour ! Félicitations pour la réalisation de votre projet ! Nous venons juste d’en parler ici :


  73. 7jades Says:

    Great website! Magnificiant idea and helpful too..


  74. Sherry Says:

    This is incroyable! A friend just sent me the link and I almost cried…it’s so amazing. My favorite city, to be savored piece by piece. Merci.

  75. ciro Says:

    Incroyable! Je trouvais une tortue géant sur le toit de un batiment.Certainement c’est une blague, C’est une aplication à la Photoshop!!
    Je devais recevoir un prix!

  76. granfio Says:

    I hope to see your hard work on other main world cities!!!!

  77. Lancerika Says:

    Fantastic idea!!
    j’adore Paris even more now..

  78. pedrohuelva Says:

    Felicidades por tan maravillogo regalo visual .

    Gracias, merci

  79. gilles Says:

    AMAZING! great work!!!!!

  80. DANsoSEA Says:

    Someone says there is a couple making love on a rooftop somewhere. Are they joking? This is fantastic work!

  81. Isis Says:

    It’s amazing!

  82. Marioara Says:

    Congratulations, it is fantastic!

  83. Alise Says:

    C’est vraiment magnifique !
    On peut espérer une déclinaison en poster selon un angle de vue de notre choix un jour ?

  84. Pauline Zanghi Says:

    check out this violin clip and let me know what you think! Norbert Wentzel

  85. Yury Says:

    Tortoises live in Paris! I found one in your Project) Super!

  86. Roger Hopkins Says:

    Why has the music been pulled?

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