The music of Paris 26 Gigapixels

Many of you sent us messages about the music used on the website of Paris 26 Gigapixels. Some of you recognized it: La Valse d’Amélie is part of the soundtrack of the movie “Amelie” (Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain). The author is the French musician and composer Yann Tiersen.

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15 Responses to “The music of Paris 26 Gigapixels”

  1. Dagoberto Mebius Says:

    Amigos franceses,

    vendo essa maravilha de fotografia… e ouvindo La Valse d’Amélie é como se de volta a Paris e me sentir sentado num dos Cafés de Champes Elises tomando um vinho e “roendo” um pão.
    Nada mais magnífico!
    Parabéns a todos vocês.
    Dagoberto Mebius


  2. Jefferson Says:

    Sem Palavras!

    É Um Deleite Passear Dentre As Belezas Parisienses Ao Som Desta Tão Deliciosa Valsa!!

  3. paola Says:

    j’aime beaucoup cette valse qui bien s’approche au style de paris :ville merveilleuse que je garderai toujours dans mon coeur!

  4. Daniel Pinto Says:

    Sem duvida alguma um trabalho fantastico……Paris a bela cidade, com o som da valsa, simplesmente divinal para quem conhece Paris, a cultura, os monumentos, as pessoas…..o cheiro da cidade, a luz, a sua alma, a noite….tudo fica na memoria!!

    Cumprimentos a todos…..e grato pelo arrepio que senti ao reviver Paris!!

  5. Vita Says:

    Salut! :)
    i found a marmot and a turtle with your project Paris 26 Gigapixels. Here are the srcreenshots:

  6. Kathy Says:

    Je faisais un stage en France quand ce film est sorti. Comme Amélie est charmante! Quand j’entends cette valse, j’ai envie de danser.

  7. camila Says:

    Salut ! Je m’apelle Camila J’ai13 ans et Je suis brélisiliene . Sorry for the wrong words , I just had 8 french classes , haha . Well , I went to France last year . In my opnion France is the most beautiful place in earth . Thanks for create this website , It made me cry !!!

  8. Emily Chan Says:

    J’aime “Amélie”! The soundtrack from the movie is so beautiful! C’est magnifique~

  9. Ani Says:

    I visited France for the first time last year. I fell in love. I love this Paris 26 gigapixels project! Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting it together!

  10. Ben Gregg Says:

    I love the site! But the music? While I like the film and the music from Amélie, I wonder if it’s the right choice, considering the location from which the photos were taken: the top of the Saint Sulpice, which is on the Left Bank / Rive Gauche. I feel that the film Amélie is really about Paris from the perspective of Montmartre. So if the view of 26 Gigapixels was FROM Montmartre, then that choice of would have made sense. However, the photos were taken from the top of the Église Saint Sulpice, which not only contains the Grand-Orgue de Saint Sulpice (one of the world’s finest and most famous organs), but also stands in the midst of the 6ème arrondissement–with a rich musical heritage (and annual Fête de la Musique) of its own! So why not mix it up? Perhaps give viewers a few more options… rock, jazz, classical, maybe even some live street noise (like you’d actually hear from above Paris)–some aural diversity to match the rich visual extravaganza that is 26 Gigapixels! ;->

  11. Jason Says:

    Je n’en peux plus de la musique d’Amélie ! C’est d’une paresse. Pourquoi pas les Quatre Saisons aussi…

  12. scootergrisen Says:

    Aha music is very very nice.
    It means alot also.

  13. Luiza Says:

    What a wonderful work.
    I feel like being in Paris!

    I’m speechless!!!!

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  15. sonia Says:

    Que pena,não consegui ouvir nenhuma misica !

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