Arnaud Frich and Kolor announce ‘Paris 20 Gigapixels’ project

A world record!

Photographer Arnaud FRICH and image stitching experts KOLOR, editor of panorama creation program Autopano Pro, announce their project to shoot Paris in a very high definition. The final image will be a stitching of more than 2000 individual photos and will have a resolution of 20 Gigapixels, that is 20 billion pixels: the biggest assembled panoramic image of the world!

This resolution enables very exciting uses: printing on large supports (the image can be printed on a 6500 sq.ft support whilst keeping an excellent quality!) or online viewing with absolutely amazing deep zooming capabilities.

Gigapixel panoramas ? A habit for Kolor

This is not the first world record achived by Kolor and partner photographers. In August 2006, American photographer Gerard MAYNARD collaborated with Kolor to produce the world record at that time: Harlem 13 Gigapixels. You can have a look at the image and zoom in to see the smallest details of Harlem:

Stay tuned!

The project is to be acheived during this summer. You will be able to see the image on this website. Come back often to learn more about the project and be among the firsts to see this beautiful image.

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8 Responses to “Arnaud Frich and Kolor announce ‘Paris 20 Gigapixels’ project”

  1. Jesse Lee Says:

    Congratulations to the new world record!

  2. suzy Says:

    Do u have any prieviews possibly in zoomify ???

  3. Dave Belcher Says:

    Fabulous project! I’m hoping to create images this large or even larger using my Gigapan Epic 100 imager with a Panasonic Lumix LZ50. By adding a supplementary telephoto lens to the existing 12x zoom Vario Elmarit lens I should be able to increase the effective focal length from 420mm to nearly 900 mm.

    My largest image so far is one of 2.1 Gigapixels from 405 separate images.

  4. Toby Says:

    Summer is over, where is it?

  5. Rami Says:

    The 2000 images were shot this summer and are now being stitched.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Congratulations but, until you decide to stitch it, the world record goes to Dresden 26 Gigapixels

  7. Rami Says:

    Certainly, Dresden 26 Gigapixels is a great image, also stitched with Autopano. Paris 20 Gigapixels was stitched in October and is actually a bit more than 26 Gigapixels, but we will keep the name Paris 20 Gigapixels as it is the project name.

  8. Amelie Griffiths Says:

    the best Telephoto lens that i have used on an SLR is the Canon EF 70-200 F/2.8 lens. Best image quality ever.,,’

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