Dresden 26 Gigapixels: a nice application of gigapixel photography


Kolor is glad to learn that a new gigapixel image was brought online: Dresden 26 Gigapixels. As for the Paris project, this image was stitched using our software Autopano.

Our aim with Autopano is to show that high-resolution photography is now within about anyone’s reach. We hope that many such projects will come out in the future, as the number of applications of gigapixel imagery is very large.

Paris 20 Gigapixels was stitched in November and is actually 26.7 gigapixels, which still makes it the world’s largest panoramic image. However, other gigapixel images will certainly beat this record in the near future, thus it becomes more and more important to concentrate on the artistic aspect of this kind of projects. A good example of this is the image of Feldkirch, also created -and sponsored- by Autopano, that mixes gigapixel photography with embedded 360 virtual tours and localized 3D sounds.

These images put high the artistic level we have to reach with our Paris image. This is why the current phase (embedding of interactive objects and creation of the website) should take several weeks. We want the final image to be amazing!

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4 Responses to “Dresden 26 Gigapixels: a nice application of gigapixel photography”

  1. John Myrstad Says:

    I`m looking forward to the posting of the Paris image. As you say it doesnt really matter if its record breaking or not its the artistic/creative implementation that matters.

    Semantic zooming/hotspots, non-linear scripted jumps between zooms and VT tour integration ala the Feldkirch case is more important than record breaking gigapixel size.

    Check http://tinyurl.com/y9gco2a to see what I mean by Non-linear scripted jumps.

    John Myrstad

  2. Wolfram Says:

    To me that Panorama of Dresden is still very impressive. Well despite a few artistical mistakes with that panorama its even more impressive for me to know that almost the whole shooting, stitching and postproccessing was done by just one guy.

  3. Al'jan Says:

    Hi! I just want say it’s great job!!! But i finding a bug ))) look at the woman at the shop MUJI. ))) I hope you are not offended at my English?

  4. Al'jan Says:

    Sory… But my comment for PARIS picture.

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