Paris 20 Gigapixels projet follow-up

Kolor and photographer Arnaud Frich intend to create one of the biggest panoramic image of the world: Paris 20 Gigapixels. This project was announced a few months ago.

Technically, everything is ready to shoot the 2000 images needed to create such a panorama. We are only waiting for the weather. As the event needs to meet all partners’ agendas, the project can only be undertaken during a week-end. All week-ends of November and December were cloudy or rainy in Paris, thus the project is postponed to the next sunny week-end.

As a reminder, Paris 20 Gigapixels will be shot from one of the towers of St Sulpice church, where the viewpoint covers nearly all interesting monuments of Paris.

A profesional filming team from Alter Persona Films agency will cover the event. They already sent us some images of the spotting they did in November :

On the way to the tower roof:

Preview of Paris 20 Gigapixels image:

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6 Responses to “Paris 20 Gigapixels projet follow-up”

  1. 三维全景 Says:

    great works!

  2. Matt Says:

    Is it still raining?

  3. Rami Says:

    We are expecting the shooting to take place in the coming weeks, since the weather is beginning to be nicer.

  4. djonline Says:

    Why you shoot sky ? There is nothing useful information here, but only increase gigapixels.

  5. Rami Says:

    The sky was shot because we want a nice and equilibrated image. We could have only shot buildings but the image would not have been nice to look at. Moreover, in the sky you can sometimes find amazing things (eg: planes, birds).

  6. Mohammad Says:

    I see Kolor is stitching the individual images. So I think this project will be the originator for panorama photography in other beautiful cities all over the world !

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